Thank you for asking, because not many people have asked if I’m ok


Yeah, well I guess, and also thank you for asking, because not many people have asked if I’m ok. The Duchess of Sussex

On Friday, 18th October 2019, we saw a 2-1/2 minute preview of a documentary produced in South Africa by Tom Bradby for a UK television network featuring the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In this preview the candid and vulnerable Duchess states “…thank you for asking, because not many people have asked if I’m ok.” This loaded statement leads me to conclude that she has not received support from her new family.

Could it possibly be that she has been left out to hang because she has exposed some Royals, who are also living off British taxpayers, to be inefficient and basically unproductive? Duchess Meghan is a hardworking woman; her influence extends beyond her duties. Very often what she wears while performing her royal duties or simply making a non-duty related public appearance, causes Brands’ websites to crash due to high immediate demands for their product; surely a plus to the economy. Her Patronages and charities are strongly supported by SussexSquad members and others, which has enhanced their exposure immensely. So if those taxpayers think it’s ok for a hardworking Duchess to not be acknowledged for what she does while others do very little, then what is really the point of the bestowing upon its members Patronages, allowing them to travel abroad at great expense, only to be mediocre in their responsibilities? Bottom line, what is really the point of the British Royal Family?

Duchess Meghan also spoke about the difficulty in dealing with the constant and intense media scrutiny since her engagement and subsequent marriage to Prince Harry; throughout a full term pregnancy and then giving birth to their first born child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor, and during her maternity leave. It is difficult for me to put into words how I felt when I watched this short preview, seeing a vulnerable, almost weeping Duchess talking about the media scrutiny. I will try my best not to get emotional and only report facts, because that is what Meghanpedia is all about.

If you are an internet user, or watch TV, as most of us do, and whether or not you follow the British Royal Family, you will have come across some media reportage of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but more specifically Duchess Meghan. Because news about her is reported on major networks in the UK, Australia, Canada, USA and around the world on a constant basis. Almost hourly, there is something said about Duchess Meghan. There are ample articles on Meghanpedia relating to the treatment of her as it relates to name calling, abuse, and harassment of this woman throughout her pregnancy up until the birth of her son, and the abuse continues. She is constantly the subject of morning news on major networks, where some Royal Reporters share their opinion or report from “unnamed sources” of what she has or has not done.

Duchess Meghan is not a criminal, she has not committed any crime and yet the media reports on her as if she has committed the most heinous crimes known to man. Her major offenses are as follows: (1) she speaks articulately, (2) co-edited a major magazine, (3) co-edited a cookbook which became a #1 bestseller, (4) raises awareness for her patronages and charities which were bestowed upon her as a Royal, (5) closing her own car door, (6) speaking at events where she has been invited to speak, using eye contact and seldom reading from a script , (7) flying on private/commerical planes to engagements, on a family vacation, or to attend a baby showers organised by close friends, some happen to be “celebrities” or watch a celebrity friend/tennis star play, (8) being a proud feminist, which is clearly stated on the official website of the Royal Family and also includes information concerning previous achievements.

Even their home at Frogmore Cottage became a huge debating point for the British tabloid media which was debated over several months. Some even dared to ask why despite a growing family, couldn’t they remain in Nottingham Cottage where Prince Harry resided as a bachelor. This couple was allowed to move to Frogmore Cottage, not a palace or a 21-room apartment, just a simple cottage, with renovations totaling £2.4 million pounds. I will not go into all this as there are enough articles on this subject one can read on Meghanpedia.

Anybody watching the very short preview which will be aired in the UK on Sunday 20th October and in the US on 24th October, must have felt and seen her palpable pain at having to admit that it has been very difficult to deal with the scrutiny whilst pregnant and then as a newlywed and a new mother. As any mother will attest to, being pregnant, whilst a very joyous event, has its challenges too. I will also add here that the public was constantly reminded that the Duchess’s pregnancy was a “geriatric pregnancy”. As if this was not enough, it did not stop the constant scrutiny of everything she did and this documentary showed the pain she went through. Prince Harry whilst giving a speech at the recent Well Child Awards night, had to fight back tears when he remembered the concerns he and his wife had when they found out that they were expecting their first child, and the possibility that the child could be born with immediate health issues.

I remember very well how I felt when I was pregnant with feelings and emotions I had never experienced before. Little things irritated me, and if the food of my choice for that day was not at the right temperature, my husband would be faced with me crying for lengthy periods, just because the pizza was a fraction below the temperature I expected it to be. And whenever he pre-empted and got the pizza so that it was available when I asked for it, that would also cause another crying fit because I had not asked for pizza that day, I am sure you get the picture. So I know exactly what the Duchess must have been going through.

The Duchess is an only child of Ms. Doria Ragland. She gave up a successful career to be married to a man whom she fell in love with and who happens to be a Prince, moved to a foreign land, trying to cope with Royal protocols, according to the British tabloid media (most of which do not exist), a family steeped in traditions that are so antiquated and irrelevant in today’s age, but which the Duchess was doing her very best to adhere to, only to be ridiculed, and basically fault-finding just because. This same family who showed up in their best attire for the wedding ceremony, putting on a united front, only to sit quietly whilst the Duke and Duchess have had to endure this constant hatred towards them. This same family remembers Prince Harry going through some mental health problems while trying to cope with the loss of his mother. He experienced a few adolescent antics and has since grown to be a responsible man, fallen in love and this same family have left him to fight this relentless abuse, all because he fell in love with a woman of colour.

This preview, allowed people around the world see the inhumane treatment the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have endured, resulting in the creation of a hashtag, #WeLoveYouMeghan, to let her know how much she is loved. The hashtag also tells her that even though her new family (Royals) and certain members of her paternal family are part of the hate campaigns against her, she has family around the world. Archie has numerous godparents, aunties and uncles who will continue fighting and speaking out for them.

Duchess Meghan has followed Royal Rules and conducted herself with the utmost professionalism, dignity and poise while performing her duties, increasing public awareness of her charities. However, she has been ridiculed for the most ridiculous things. In case you are reading this article, and are one of those whom the British tabloid media have managed to get you to also scrutinise everything she does with distorted lenses, and are thinking that maybe they are right; THEY ARE NOT. Duchess Meghan has not put a foot wrong, she and the Duke have asked to be allowed to live the private part of their lives privately and this also has brought criticism. When she is out in public performing her duties, she is torn apart as if she were not human with feelings, and is expected to keep quiet and just take it because the taxpayers pay for her “expensive lifestyle.” Taxpayers forget that she came into the marriage with her own amassed wealth, having accumulated a vast wardrobe (check her blog The Tig). She was well travelled and able to purchase her air tickets and fly whichever class she chose.

If the Royal Family is there for just ceremonial reasons, then what is the purpose of their patronages in today’s world or what is their relevance? If they continue to think their mantra of “Don’t complain Don’t explain” will carry weight in today’s world, then I am sorry to say, IT WILL NOT.

As previously stated, the world has been exposed to the maltreatment of the Duchess. Her country of origin has consistently pushed back on the negative narratives and if it continues, it is the Royal Family who will lose. Their archaic rules threaten to kill this tradition which they hold on to so dearly. They should know it will have nothing to do with Duchess Meghan. Their fear, hatred and jealousy of the Duchess could possibly end the British Royal Family, which in my opinion may not be a bad thing.

Duchess Meghan, I can say on authority, does not wish to be the new Princess Diana, she is complete in herself. This same Princess Diana the media like referring to who also was not treated well by the British Press. Duchess Meghan does not care to wear a tiara or a crown or wish to be a Queen, she is already a Queen in the eyes of her admirers, and does not need any British Crown, so please stop that nonsense. Her pre-royal life is well documented and therefore, she does not need to be like someone else. She is whole and complete in herself. She has always known who she is and as a former actress, if she wanted to be a “social climber” trust me, she has had ample opportunities to be one, but she chose to educate herself and work hard. There is no amount of British taxpayers’ money that will ever be enough for what she has given back to this dying entity. If the next Monarch will continue to rule in this same fashion, then I feel regret for your institution.

Duchess Meghan is a human being, she is not a commodity.

Whilst we are at it, let’s take a look at the tours she has undertaken with her husband so far. Just because of some inherent jealousy in some members of the Royal Family, instead of them stepping up on their game, they have chosen to destroy one of their own by giving the tabloids carte blanche to peddle lies over petty non-stories. When did holding your baby bump become a story? When did shutting a car door become a story that ran for days on end, or flying in a private plane? So what if they talk about climate change concerns, we all do and yet we fly. Corporate executives in all industries fly private jets frequently. Four trips in a private jet will not cause the world to collapse. Eating avocadoes became a talking point, and creating a cookbook which helped raise thousands of pounds for a community that was devastated by a horrific fire caused a meltdown in the British media and somehow became linked to terrorism. How on earth a newspaper could run such a story is beyond laughable. However a member of this Royal Family who was friends for many years with a convicted pedophile, photographed in the presence of underage or barely dressed females, flies around in private jets, gets very little coverage.

I leave you with these headlines and you ask yourself if the Duchess of Sussex really deserves the treatment she has endured.


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9 comments on “Thank you for asking, because not many people have asked if I’m ok

  1. Yaa Boama

    The RR and haters suffer from amnesia when it comes to things which other Royals have done, but as soon as Duchess Meghan does the same, she is called hateful things. It is hard to fathom what they are scared of and instead of upping their game or asking for help from Duchess Meghan and supporting her, they choose to cause her harm. No wonder when Princess Diana died, there was talk of there being a conspiracy to do away with her. Dodi Fayed’s father spent a lot of money trying to prove this but was unsuccessful.

  2. Trinette Mitchell

    This was a carefully written, well researched article that came with valid receipts! I absolutely love this website because you come with facts.

    I watched the documentary on Youtube, and for whatever reason I feel like I need to watch it again which will air tonight in 12 minutes. All of us who are fans of the Sussexes went through a plethora of emotions after watching it but one feeling strikes my mind (and I can safely say we may have all felt it): devastation. That documentary left me devastated and emotionally spent, and angry. I went to bed crying and woke up the next day in a quiet rage.

    Anyway, not to ramble on about my feelings because my feelings in this moment and at this time are insignificant. As a fan base we just need to keep fighting for them and standing with them. Love will always win in the end. Thank you, Meghanpedia for everything you do and thank you to our Sussex Squad for all you do. It makes a world of difference for their fans and I know it will make a world of difference for them knowing they are loved.

  3. claire m leonard

    As a long time fan of Princess Meghan on Suits, my heart ache whenever I see her being bullied on TV. Duchess Meghan in her previous life and now always demonstrated kindness, integrity, love and compassion toward others. I pray for her and her family everyday, God’s favor will always remain on her. History will relate of her kindness and integrity; King Archie and his future siblings will be proud of their mother. #IloveYouRachelMeghan, #IAdmireYouQueenDoria thank you for this Flower of a Daughter that is Meghan. #IstandwithHarryThePrinceofHearts. #ISTANDWITHTHESUSSEXES

  4. Marjorie Ireland

    I love these articles. They speak the unvarnished truth! One so called Royal Reporter actually admitted that some in the Royal Family are not fond of HRH Duchess Meghan and also implied that those persons may have leaked falsehoods to the press. I have long believed that and I have to look at the couple benefiting the most from what has been done to Meghan. I have to look at the criticism leveled at the “Other Duchess” just a month prior to it being revealed that Harry was dating Meghan. There was an immediate shift and Meghan started getting all Negative press but “The Other One” became the “PERFECT LILY WHITE ENGLISH ROSE” It was disgusting! So, yes I bet my money on which members of the Royal Family have been leaking lies & I know I am not wrong!

  5. Kelli

    Thank you for articulating what we are all feeling. Karma is coming to Kate. Rose was just the beginning. As for Elizabeth she is punked and made to look silly, he kingdom is breaking apart because she is evil. This will be her legacy. As for Cain thete will be a small irrelevant kingdom to inherit.

  6. joyce

    Sophie, Prince Edward’s wife had her first child at the age of 39 and the second one at the age of 42, never heard her being told she has a geriatric pregnancy. That will tell you how the press have conveniently forgotten that.

  7. Rose

    Thank you for a wonderful article.
    There are two things that you mentioned that have been stuck in my crow fora long time now. That ridiculous phrase apparently attributed to the Queen Mother, Never complain, never explain. This is attributed to a generation of Royals who thought themselves too good to even touch a commoner! Sadly there are still those who think this way in two generations of living Royals. We have to point out though that this became null and void a long time ago, there have been many explanations given over the years on various occasions. But this has been completely blown out of the water by the various statements put out on behalf of Andrew, anyone who didn’t see that as explaining things away needs their heads examined. If you are blood, we will stick our necks out for you no matter what, you just married into the family, you are on your own, no lessons learned by this family!

    The second one was the geriatric pregnancy. No woman who has ever been pregnant hasn’t had that niggling fear at the back of their minds that the baby might not be alright. Imagine being pregnant and constantly be told this, is it any wonder she was holding onto that baby tightly, she was warding off all the bad vibes. I am going to call out Camilla Tominey and Kate Nicholl who seemed delighted to espouse on this whenever they got face time on TV. Jobson was also on this, but we will dismiss him as an ignorant male on the subject and a shameless promoter who amped up the attacks on Meghan when his book on Charles was not selling and has now written a book about Archie! I mean what is there to say about a baby that up to that point he had only seen in photographs maybe 5 times. But we must also point out to well-meaning reporters that words matter because even Victoria Arbiter who has been a great supporter of Meghan couldn’t help pointing out over and over about Meghan’s geriatric pregnancy. On top of that, trolls with their fake pregnant stories and plastic babies, really too much. Lord, Camilla Tominey calculated on National Television on when she might have conceived, truly cringe-worthy. Yet, she was one of the first ones to go out there after the law-suits were announced to defend the media’s right to criticize and protest that the media hadn’t been unfair to the Sussexes. Maybe she could produce an article or point to an interview where she referred to Kate’s pregnancy as geriatric after all they are about the same age and were both pregnant within months of each other.

  8. Dinah

    I said this on another platform as well: Duchess Meghan’s comment probably does not include her husband, mum, friends fans and followers. Most probably she meant the members of the British Royal Family. And the press rats and commentators in the media (Press, TV , radio, magazines, blogs, and on other social media) as well, who think they can criticize her for anything possible, without considering her wellbeing and humanity. I hope the Sussex family can find some will deserved relaxation with a long break out of Britain. They didn’t have a proper summer break; they were working throughout the whole summer holidays (even before and after) , while other royals, the older and younger ones, were mounts away from duty.

  9. Gladys

    Thanks for the wonderful article & yes, the Duchess does not deserve to be treated like this. #weloveyoumeghan & #westandwiththesussexes

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