Meghan supports her friend Serena Williams with her two longtime friends


Duchess Meghan made a surprise appearance on the 4th of July at Wimbledon. While still on maternity leave, she went to cheer on her friend Serena. Serena and Meghan have been close friends for over a decade and she attended Meghan’s wedding.

Meghan brought along two of her longtime friends Lyndsay & Genevieve. She has been friends with them since her Northwestern U days. They also went to Archie’s christening according to Omid Scobie and attended her wedding.

They were seen having a good time filled with laughter and cheers. It was nice seeing Meghan having a much-deserved outing with friends. The appearance had been speculated but was still a welcomed surprise for many. Meghan even taking the time to speak with a young fan in the stands.

How Meghan’s fashion is making a difference

Meghan’s outfit were filled with Easter eggs. Her sunglasses is what she wore on her first official outing with Harry. Which was a tennis match for the Invictus Games in 2017. Her hat also seemed to be the same one she wore last year at Wimbledon. The Madewell hat has been a staple in her style. Her white blazer she has also worn before during the royal tour. An adorable “A” Verse necklace could be spotted around her neck. Meghan has previously worn an H & M necklace. Meghan also wore another one of her favorite brands Outland Denim. One of the first times she wore the jeans, sales increased 950%; another time increasing 640%. Also allowing the founder James Bartle to hire 46 seamstresses in his Cambodian factory. Many of these women are either victims of sex trafficking or forced labor. Bartle told People Magazine:

“The core of our business is about giving the opportunity to vulnerable women, and for Meghan to align so closely with that and to expose us to the world, it’s been huge.”

Meghan also wore her Nosheen stud earrings by Pippa Small. Small has a partnership with Turquoise Mountain Foundation. Every piece is made by the hand of local artisans in Kabul. On their website they say:

“Training and employing young people in meaningful creative jobs is vitally important now in Afghanistan when the young desperately need hope and a sense of purpose in a beautiful country tragically caught up in violence and conflict.”

The founder and designer of Verse Fine Jewellery,
Emma Swann, said:

“Meghan is modern, fashionable and always on-trend, and personalized jewellery is the biggest trend right now. It’s all about sentiment and love, which people adore, and to see her wearing the necklace is amazing.”

Meghan for sure will continue to make statements and help many with her ethical fashion style in the future. I believe she will also continue to be there and support her friends who have been with her through thick and thin.


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