Meghan’s Gems: “It Is Neither Just Nor Practical For Our Voices To Go Unheard”

Meghan Gems it is neither just nor practical for our voices to go unheard

“Women make up more than half of the world’s population and potential, so it is neither just nor practical for their voices, for OUR voices, to go unheard at the highest levels of decision-making.” Meghan Markle

Meghan had to leave the Royal Family, the senior royal roadshow, to re-establish her independence. The Firm thought they could shake her loose before the wedding and when that didn’t happen, they chose to treat her as if enslaved, forced to work according to their restrictions while enhancing their profit margin under the Meghan effect. They did their best to dim her light and mute her voice, instead of seeing her worth and valuing it as an asset. They saw her as a disrupter. I think they were intimidated by her.

There is strength and tenacity visibly prominent when you look on Meghan’s life over the past four years. From a woman in the first blush of romantic love to a woman re-framing her existence after a royal exit, it’s easy to only see the power of her convictions. However, as women, we know that it’s impossible for her not to have felt vulnerable, tired, or sad over the cascading events. Put yourself in Meghan’s shoes. She has been betrayed repeatedly by several women around her, including the one who embodies British power and royal might. Behind that sweet smile, dignified stance, and easy grace, she might have shed a tear or two.

Now think about her mother, Queen Doria, who is so close with her daughter that she most certainly witnessed the pain and unfairness shown to her daughter. She most certainly stepped up with love and advice to get through this labyrinth of snakes. That’s what loving mothers do. We distill advice not only for the current situation but for what’s around the corner.

Meghan’s knees may have wobbled, butterflies may have been fluttering in the belly. But, in that farewell tour before leaving the senior royals, Meghan showed why she’s Doria Ragland’s daughter. She slayed with fashion and style and she slayed with confidence and grace. Her light shone so brightly that it highlighted the pettiness of the royal mean girls and the king-in-waiting to the world.

Meghan was not given a seat at the table. She was not invited to be seated there. And continuing with her quote, “…in some cases, where this is not available, they need to create their own table.” While she was referring to political participation, in many segments of life, the woman’s power and voice are subverted from full engagement with their own destiny. The Firm’s reputation with its female royals remains stuck in a destructive legacy. But Meghan with her husband and child are pulling up at their own table where her voice will be louder and more powerful than ever.


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  1. Airat

    Another great read from Mich Monk. Meghan ‘s strength is commendable. I really don’t know how she could stay afloat and still go ahead to make waves—with all those attacks. It’s commendable .

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