Coronavirus And The Epidemic Of Royal Reporters’ Idiotic Sussex Opinions

Royal Reporters’ Idiotic Opinions

Coronavirus And The Epidemic Of Royal Reporters’ Idiotic Sussex Opinions.

The last few weeks to months has seen people, communities, businesses, organizations, institutions and governments modify their norms and routines to fit the uncertainty and flux of their environments in a world that is in the grips of a pandemic. In the midst of the chaos and disruption, people are staying put as much as possible, in accordance with guidelines to slow the spread of the virus. The word of the day is ESSENTIAL; travel, personnel, services etc.

At the same time, a certain Prince and his wife have stepped away from their roles as working royals, with the blessing of the British monarch, and are currently isolating themselves from public non-essential activity, somewhere in a North American city, as are many others around the world. On their way out, they made it clear that, they will not be seen and will be focusing on finding ways to safely and privately support organizations that they are already connected with.

“…focusing this new chapter to understand how we can best contribute. While you may not see us here, the work continues.”

As of March 31, Harry and Meghan no longer have an official role with the British monarchy and the whole world knows it. For some inexplicable reason, some royal reporters have decided in the middle of all that is unfolding in the world, to throw a stupid party. It is not for lack of more pressing issues to write about. It is just something about the existence of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex that activates their brains’ irrationality and ludicrousness centers. While the monarch, her heirs and the remaining working royals are seeking refuge from the spreading contagion in their countryside luxury bolt-holes, what remaining peace of mind we have outside of the current crisis, is being rudely interrupted with nonsensical questions of “ Where are Harry & Meghan now that it matters” and equally foolish variations of it.

For all the amnestic, absent minded, willfully obtuse and all the others in the very back, and hopefully for the last time; Harry & Meghan have retired from royal work and are in North America where they said they’ll be. The Governor of California and the British Prime Minister both made it clear – stay home unless you are providing essential services. While England’s list of essential services/activities was only a quarter of California’s list, neither has The British Royal Family or former working royals listed as essential. Like everyone else, and as the government directed, Harry and Meghan are staying at home, sheltering in place and working behind the scenes for their organizations and doing whatever else they please, while observing lockdown guidelines like most responsible people.

Royal Reporters’ Idiotic Opinions 1

The Royal Family (RF) is not the British government. It also has no sway over California’s state government. The Royal Family is not immune from getting the coronavirus and need to take all the necessary precautions to protect themselves.

Royal Reporters’ Idiotic Opinions 2

Enter anything goes Kelly Parnell with a dumb take. In her opinion, regardless of the governments’ directives or the geographical impediment of living on a different continent, why aren’t The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in England “showing love and kindness to Harry’s Grandparents and his dad, who was infected with the virus?” and “why aren’t they supporting frontline medical staff like the Cambridges?” I don’t have the time or the desire to dissect the Cambridges’ string of COVID-19-induced PR stunts.

Royal Reporters’ Idiotic Opinions 3

Kelly Parnell should know that going to “pay tribute to emergency personnel” was an irresponsible move by the Cambridges that not only could have endangered their health and that of those they came in contact with( because infectious asymptomatics exist) but which unnecessarily took essential workers away from essential duties.
Kelly isn’t even a royal reporter – she does everything from book reviews, to coronavirus lockdown survival guides, to reviewing Naomi Campbell’s airplane hygiene routine. I get it that writing jobs are in jeopardy in this corona era so, whatever it takes to make a living…But can they at least make some sense?

We can always count on propaganda queen Camilla Tominey for a hot take. According to her, Harry’s response to the pandemic has not been as good as his older brother’s. She really only had two “reasons” for her observation: Regarding #clapforourcarers, she writes “The Sussexes’ digital post appeared hollow compared to the Cambridge kids clapping” and “while Harry was announcing the postponement of the Invictus Games, the Cambridges were being lauded for making a ‘real’ difference with their visit to the 111 call center.” Really? Why postponing a week-long event that would have served as a ticking time bomb of Covid-19 infections, and thereby preserving the health and lives of the athletes and volunteers is somehow judged inferior to some ill-advised photo-op is beyond me. Also what is the basis for comparison?

The disconnect here is stunning but not entirely surprising. The crop of royal reporters seem to be trapped in a static time capsule of ideas and action, where meaningless photo-ops and platitudes are far more palatable. It is a mindset that is yet to catch up with the modern world. With all manner of institutions adapting to telework, telemedicine and online learning, it seems a very backward and toothless argument to make against a digital anything, not to talk about the impracticality and danger of face-to-face business in this context.

For as long as we can recall the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have, through their actions, silently espoused doing good and leading by example. We see it in the way they support their patronages, their preparedness for their engagements, and the interaction on their social media site. While they still had a social media presence, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex led by example in doing good work, whether it was bringing attention to worthy charitable causes and organizations or adapting to the current need to share valuable resources in response to COVID-19. SussexRoyal was the first royal social media site to acknowledge the pandemic, its dire consequences and urged people to take the proper precautions. After SussexRoyal, the other royals’ social media sites followed with some kind of statement. Sussex Royal was the first and only royal social media site that acknowledged the emotional toll of the uncertainty of the pandemic, and offered links to get and give help. They were also first to share information on National Health Service (NHS) #Clapforourcarers.

Speaking of a digital post that wasn’t deemed hollow, The Director-General of WHO acknowledged SussexRoyal sharing The WHO’s hand hygiene guidelines and to this date, remain the only royal social media website whose efforts were acknowledged by WHO.

We know that in this epidemic of idiocy, the British Media (BM) cannot fully appreciate the concept of the Royal Family working behind the scenes unless there are glossy pictures to show just how hard they are working, even if we never see the yield or it underwhelmingly falls short of the hype. We don’t need to see Harry or Meghan artistically perched at their desks to know they are hard at work. We know they are working behind the scenes because, at the time of maturation, they always present the fruits or those who have benefited from their efforts share the impact.

“Though you may not see us here, the work continues,”

It is their track record. They just do it. No fuss or fanfare required. So Ms. Parnell and friends, Harry and Meghan are not scientist; we’re not expecting them to develop a vaccine to stop the virus. Yes, things are truly dire, but it’s not because Harry and Meghan have not been seen. Harry is not the monarch, nor is he the monarch in waiting. The Queen has been churning out addresses aplenty, her heir is opening field hospitals remotely, and his heir is currently experiencing another bout of “clueless jerkitis”. There is plenty of material there. Focus on that.

When they were senior working royals, every hack writer, using the excuse that Harry and Meghan were publicly funded, had an opinion about how they could be “better” royals. Now that they’ve stepped down as working royals, and are no longer receiving public funding, the hacks in the media still feel entitled to define the terms of The Sussexes’ private, non-taxpayer-funded life. The gall! Media hacks are showing they will remain as duplicitous in their coverage of Harry and Meghan, as they have always been – holding them to standards that not even the monarch is expected to live up to.

Royal Reporters’ Idiotic Opinions 12

I am yet to comprehend the constant need to compare “Harry’s response” to the monarch, or the heirs. Why? Is he the standard? The same man who has been called irrelevant by these same media hacks? It is mind boggling, especially since the man no longer has official royal obligations. In Camilla Tominey’s rambling piece which really was an excuse to pick the Sussexes apart for any and everything, there was a surprising and brief moment of honesty as she wrote, “observers cannot fail to have noticed how depleted the royal family now looks without the Sussexes on side”. Perhaps they are the standard; of the empathy, energy, human touch and connection that would be apt for a time such as this.

Alas, wishes aren’t horses and beggars are certainly not going to ride. There was an opportunity to have the Sussexes “on side” part of the time but that offer was rebuffed by the monarchy. So for the love of God, please leave the Sussexes alone. They will decide for themselves what their contribution will be, and when it will be.

The coronavirus pandemic seems poised to eclipse some of devastating loss of lives suffered during recent armed conflicts. Coronavirus is not a tool to be used to by those pretending they care about the wellbeing of those not directly connected to them. It is not an opportunity for clout chasers to attempt to center this tragedy around themselves. The pandemic is not a “look at me, aren’t I benevolent?,” moment for those on the sidelines. But instead of calling out opportunists, the media hacks would further use the pandemic to hold Harry and Meghan to account for observing directives, staying home and living privately .

Fortunately, those with common sense can see the media hacks’ opinions for what they are: self-serving and irrelevant. Their advice is unwanted and their virtue signaling only resonates with people who are desperate for the validation of their intolerance. Meanwhile Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, will continue to authentically search and carve their niche in the collective effort to better lives.


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28 comments on “Coronavirus And The Epidemic Of Royal Reporters’ Idiotic Sussex Opinions

  1. Toyin

    Real thumps up for your well written article. The British media has been behaving like a child throwing tantrums because they couldn’t get what they wanted. They find faults with Harry and Meghan for everything they say or do. I’ve been asking myself what the media really expect the couple to do by saying they should be back in the UK during this pandemic – to hold their families’ hands or what?
    I think they all need to get a life and leave Harry and Meghan alone. Enough is enough, honest.

  2. Dinah

    Thanks for this much needed article that highlights the ongoing entitlement and deliberate falsehood in the reporting about Harry and Meghan.

    I hope soon the eyes of the Brits will open up and that they realize what an underperforming monarchy they have, and also wonder if it’s worth the hundreds of millions of pounds it costs them each year. The current monarch, corona crisis or not, barely works. The monarchy friendly press (royal mouthpieces) and courtiers keep feeding the narrative that she is hard at work, but in fact she is hardly active anymore. A 94-year-old shouldn’t be, so stop pretending and abdicate, Lizzy. Charles doesn’t look like the long expected energetic CEO, ready to take the company to the next level with innovative ideas. He doesn’t come across as the inspiring new leader everyone is looking forward to; he already looks tired, ready for the retirement home. William is a lazy, jealous copycat bully. At almost 37 years old, the Brits are yet to link a remarkable or impressive project or initiative 100 percent of his own, to his name.

    All in all, one can conclude that, now that Harry and Meghan are gone, the curtains of the facade of the hard-working royals have come down. What we see is a bunch of taxpayers’ profiteers doing the bare minimum, to stay in the people’s flattery. That is not something to get excited about. The British monarchy, as it operates, is a useless relic.

    1. Joyce

      God bless you for your views,the British media are very much aware of it and that is why they are after the Sussexes. The Sussexes have shown the world what it is to be a value for money royals,having a bi-racial woman showing them how to be effective is too much to accept . The truth is out there but they are fighting hard to suppress it and feed their readers who are bigots misinformation, but those who are broad minded and are about to read between the lines can see exactly what is going on. The Sussexes are very much aware of this as well and made the right decision to take their own path, because they would have continue to do the work and others take the glory. They will succeed in their future plans because they are very much innovative and forward thinking. We will continue to support them with prayers and any other ways as much as we can.

  3. Joyce

    Thank you for a very well thought out and well written piece, the British media as a whole are aware of what they are doing. The Sussexes are way ahead of them and the royal family, this is making them irrational and unrealistic in their thinking. They’re not aware of the Sussexes’ plans therefore they have to keep making up stories for their audience who believe the garbage they are fed in order to continue their hateful narrative towards the couple.It is now obvious that the Sussexes are the ones who have been making the royal family relevant, their a absence and impact is felt now they are not here to be used to prop up the others. Those who have self preservation and fairness can see the agendas by those aiding and abetting this narrative, we have to continue our support for the Sussexes.
    They will be successful in their own endeavour,no amount of negativity will deter them, they are focused on their own life and future.

  4. M

    Excellent article, thank you so much. Keep up the great work you are doing. God bless a Harry, Meghan, Archie & mama Doria, in Jesus name 🙏🏽🙏🏻

  5. Denise Kalanga

    Merci pour cette articles qui est édifiante qui montre votre soutien aux Sussex. Nous ne savons pas que veulent ces reporters royaux racistes et haineux. Les Sussex sont partis et ils sont restés avec leurs favorit s paresseux .Qu’ils écrivent les articles pour les vanter comme ils en ont l’habitude. Qu’ils laissent les Sussex vivre leurs vies en paix .Nous sommes fatigués avec leur idioties et leurs articles bidons que nous ne lisons même pas.

  6. Gloria Hughes

    This is a very good and informative article,these “want a be” rr ‘s reporters are so “dense” , they wouldn’t know when to tie their shoe laces unless the rf tell them. #Love the Sussexes.💖💖💖💖💖

  7. Auxillia Kwirirai

    I pity people like Camilla and Kerry as they have lost touch and feelings with what is real like so many. We r in the era of digital impressions that many people r comparing humanitarian to digitalization. Real humanitarian comes from the heart and to the people that r in need of it and it’s for the need to feel it and that is what Harry and Meghan are doing to us. In my humble opinion they are the truly royalty, they do not need the media coverage for doing what is in their hearts because they have the hearts of the people they touch with their work. If the Cambridges are doing what they are doing and Kerry and Camilla or whom ever want to follow them with their metal minds they must do so but please they must not inflict us with their plastic thinking and they must not compare the two families because there is no comparison. As the saying goes one cannot compare apples to oranges as they r totally different fruits even though they r fruits. Harry and Meghan to me are real humanitarians caring and loving genuinely they don’t need the media to show what they r doing we see and we feel their caring and loving and that is what matters. The late princess Diana had the same heart as Harry and Meghan she touched the whole world not because of the media showing but because of the hearts she touched and the media destroyed her for that, so for people like Camilla and Kerry they can do whatever they want or say whatever, they will never take away the love and caring from our hearts that we have for our Prince Harry and Princess Meghan as they could not take that away from us of Princess Diana’s. I wish them many blessings full of long lives to touch as many people as they can for they will make a world a better place and wherever they will be they will impact many people and will continue to do so even if they are in lockdown because love that is felt does not need to be seen. Stay safe and blessed

  8. Maureen roberts

    Did anyone of these reporters, applaud the Duchess job on Disneyplus Elephants? Imagine if that was K’ she would have been lauded to the high heavens, on what a great contribution & service to the British public & the World, by giving Families on Lockdown someting Positive to see, Entertainment & Educational all in one…I Am Still Waiting on them to acknowledge Duchess Meghan Magnificent role🙄

  9. Kat

    Thank you for this article Kristine, I may not be a writer but I love reading articles here. This remind of something a friend told me one time when I sent some links of articles MEGHAMPEDIA , ‘I wish they have their own magazine.’

    I hope that wherever the Sussexes right now, they are safe and healthy.

  10. Marjorie Ireland

    I am still waiting on the Cambridges to apologize for making a joke about COVID-19 while they were in Ireland recently. William said it was “Hyped Up” by the media and laughed ! The video is on Youtube. He is being praised? For what, making a joke about a virus that is killing people?

    1. Gladys

      Dear Maurinee forget waiting for any kind of applaude from those reporters?!, the point here is that those British hacks are just full of envy & they’re sooo jealousy that they see everything this couple especially the Duchess through those envious lenses of theirs.

  11. José Smart

    Article très intéressant. Très ironique et sarcastique, mais combien de fois approprié pour décrire la situation qui prévaut en ce moment entre la presse raciste, morbide britannique et leur mandants, la famille royale d’un côté et le Prince Harry, la Duchesse Meghan de l’autre. Voilà une presse et ses mandants qui pendant longtemps nous ont rabâchés les oreilles sur l’inutilité du Prince Harry et de la Princesse Meghan. “The spare is not important. We should only focuse on the Heirs. ” Les Sussex sont donc partis vivre dans le paradis terrestre qu’est la Californie avec son soleil radieux, ses belles plages dorées, sa belle population faite de célébrités en tout genres. La joie dans l’air, l’insouciance laissant derrière eux la grisaille londonnienne et ses pluies qui n’en finissent pas, sa population vieillotte, raciste, coincée, constipée, passéiste et désuète. Alors, boom!. Des articles des plus cons au plus ridicules surgissent de partout pour attaquer le Prince mondial et sa Princesse noire. On interroge son coiffeur, sa manucuriste pour avoir des informations, on lui pique son attaché de presse et son web master. On va même réveiller la vieille Jane Goodall pour qu’elle divulgue des conversations confidentielles avec le Prince, un enfant de 35 ans contre une matriarche de 85 ans. Wendy Williams s’invite dans la danse. Elle travaille pour Fox qui appartient à Rupert Murdoch, le même propriétaire que Daily Mail, et consort. Le contrat de Wendy Williams vient d’être renouvellé jusqu’à 2021. Y aurait-il un lien avec les inepties qu’elle tient contre la pauvre Meghan qui lui a rien fait? Cooneries, house negro, Uncle Tom, Wendy Williams… Ôsez parler d’une femme alors que tu as marié une brute (Kevin Hunter) qui te battait et te trompait au vue et au su de tous pendant une décennie…
    En tout cas, Prince Harry et Princesse Meghan, vous êtes meilleurs, plus charismatiques et formidables, époustouflants que tous les autres membres de la famille royale. C’est pourquoi, ils vous attaquent autant: Vos ennemies veulent voiler vos succès: Le documentaire des Elephants sur DisneyPLus qui a eu 50 millions de nouveaux abonnés grâce à Meghan, le Archiday qui a recolté 30mille dollars en sept jours, la chanson de la chorale des Invictus. Ce sont de grandes victoires palpables, concretes qui tiennent éveiller vos ennemies de la famille royale.
    The Spares are better Than the Heirs!!!. David est supérieur à Saul. The dogs bark, the caravan moves on.
    Portez-vous bien et prenez bien soin de vous. Que Dieu vous protège. On vous soutient. Still, they rise!
    Bravo encore a Kristine Welby!!

  12. Kitty Walsh

    It is interesting that William is now being lauded for his support for key workers when just over a month ago in Dublin he was making fun of people who genuinely feared they night have contracted Covid 19.
    H & Ms departure seems to have rattled W & K and they are now making unforced errors of judgement.

  13. Gladys

    The last time i heard that is on 31st of March, the Sussexes ceased representing the BRF so what is this idiotic Kerry woman blubbering about?😕

  14. Gladys

    Its well known that the Cambridges are somewhat dumb BUT people like Kerry Parnell are not helping them atall to better themselves, So i dare say that these royal reporters are dumb as or dumber than the royals they hipe or theres something they want in return that is to be granted Damehoods & knighthood.

  15. Conie,Brussels

    Once again,a well written article.With H&M track record,I know they are going to do a lot of good in the world and GOD WILL PROTECT THEM.

  16. C.T.

    Well written article! The Royal Family and their enforcers (British media) are so hideously predictable. There is no line that these emotionally, morally & spiritually debased people won’t cross. The Sussexes have left the scene & are living their best lives in private. Yet, The Royal Family is hell bent on destroying them. They’re doing everything humanly possible to thwart the success of The Sussexes. The Royal Family is keenly aware that The Sussexes are global superstars. Their disdain for Princess Meghan has been made abundantly clear. They definitely want to eliminate her out of the picture. I hope Prince Harry continues to keep his family safe & away from the erroneous Royal Family!!!

  17. Lovi

    Great article again. RR r hurting cause without H& M they will not survive. We have to remember the Sussexes made some of them millionaires. After this virus a lot mayb looking for jobs cause most papers r begging for people to buy their paper. Karma is on its way and a lot of people r seeing them for what they r nothing but KP gutter mouth piece. THEY NEVER KNEW WHAT THEY HAD UNTIL IT IS GONE.

  18. Ajoke Moses

    Well written article. Many thanks for supporting Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They are hardworking couple and l did not just get it WHY RR and RF are colluding to destroy this lovely couple with humanitarian hearts through MEDIA. I know one thing: truth shall prevail and evil doers shall be exposed and be destroyed very soon, unless they repent and ask for forgiveness.

  19. Yaa Boama

    Some of the articles these so-called reporters continue to write about H&M is mind boggling, bordering on madness because I am convinced the reporters have lost their minds. Like you said in your article, the Sussexes said “…focusing this new chapter to understand how we can best contribute. While you may not see us here, the work continues.”

  20. Gladys

    The article is wonderfully written 👍👌& it again exposes the stupidity & the lack of journalistic qualifications of those women & for that i thank you👏 i don’t want to be petty but if i may ask, – apart from these women reporters being jealousy envious & tottal idiots, why are they so unpleasant to look at??😃 is it a credential for such the likes of Camilla Tominey, Kerry Parnell & all the crew of rr’s to be unattractive so as to qualify to be royal gossipers? but again i think that if one is so jealousy & hateful as those women are then their features change to reflect what is in their dark rotten hearts & its a pity.

  21. Joyce Vose

    This is a superb article. I have never seen anything like this concerning a media and a family who are so tyed together that they will attempt to destroy a member of the family that has done so much good. It is insane. The Duke and Duchesse of Sussex have been treated so badly and you have to ask WHY. I’m a supporter of the Sussex’s and after watching how Kate and William acted at the Commonwealth day service, I have no respect for William and Kate. You have to ask yourself how far will the media and the family go to hurt them. I want Archie to have BOTH of his parents to raise him, so I pray they will stay safe.

  22. Mandy Jane Thrall

    Why can they never leave the Sussex name out of anything to do with the vipers nest. They never treated them right, they wanted scapegoats & hard workers to do the Cambridge bidding. Already they have trademarked Harry work, got Meghans cookbook money what more do they want. Never have I seen such jealously and insecurity from other royals to the point of turning on their own brother. W didn’t even care when Harry became a dad for the first time. W is so consumed by his wanting the throne that he will throw anyone under the bus for it no matter who it is.

  23. Eth

    Beautifully written. We stand with the sussexes always ! They will go on to do even more amazing things

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