Lineage and Family



Prince Harry can trace his lineage to the founding of the Kingdom in England hundreds and hundreds of years  hundreds and hundreds of years of members of the English aristocracy. His lineage is what they call the blue bloods. The blue bloods are all about pedigree and who your ancestors were. Basically you are born great or you are doomed relegated to the margins of society simply based on birth lottery something totally beyond your control.

In America where Meghan is from royalty is based on money. Those who have it have an elevated status from captains of industry, inventors, entrepreneurs or Hollywood celebrity when you have money you are American royalty. In America regardless of where you came from your net worth is more important than lineage.

Who you are as an individual and what you have achieved is more important than who your father’s people are. This is why America is the land of opportunity and social mobility is a given. Americans and immigrants endeavor to live a better life than their parents and generation to generation Americans strive to move up the social ladder it is a given.

Doria Ragland is the rock of Meghan’s world; the woman she has influenced her more than any other. She is the only person in the world that Meghan knows has her back 100% of the time. Like Meghan, Doria too is an only child of her parents union, so we can only hope that Meghan has more than one child with Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex her husband.

Doria is elegant, dignified and loyal to the Duchess. The royals like all sane citizens of the world value loyalty. Doria is the mother who is the rock of the Duchess, and the Duchess knows she can depend on her. She is the star in the Meghan Markle story and there is no doubt that Doria’s nurturing propelled Duchess Meghan to achievement as a self made multimillionaire in her own right and a global trendsetter inspiring and empowering millions world over.


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