House Sussex is Power Personified, End of Discussion!


There are rumblings among a pathetic section of the British media and sections of the English establishment, that has this week reached fever pitch. The reason for this irrational turmoil is quite simply that a certain dashing English Prince, who the powers that be felt was only useful as a feint shadow of himself, has come into his own in a spectacular fashion, much to the dismay of the puppet masters. To add insult to injury, he has picked the most fitting bride, a like-minded and equally passionate woman. Together, they are living life purposefully and meaningfully and have captured global attention. This has proved too bitter a pill for those who in their warped and narrow-minded reality, or lack thereof, the Prince’s chosen bride is not English or ‘rosy’ enough. Well tough! There’s nothing you can do about it and your opinion is immaterial. The cherry on top of this panic-inducing coupling is that, the pair know their worth, bring value to the table, and will absolutely assert themselves and not be pushed around.

The noise has been generated from a toxic amalgam of predatory media types whose sole purpose is to bully the couple into gaining coveted access that they’ll ruthlessly monetize, and elements from a palpably shaky and misguided royal court who will scapegoat their own to save their thin skin, as well as a murky undercurrent of right wing political ideology that is resistant to the slightest progressive hint.

These parties enable each other in perpetuating the unprecedented assault on the Duchess of Sussex and recently the Duke of Sussex. They have tried every trick in the book to malign the Duchess and her husband, and then tried to convince the public that, the couple are not popular and rub the British people the wrong way. The trouble is, this “crisis” only exists in the limited world of the aforementioned partners, who are desperate to break real news about the currently most sought after royal couple, that is not second-hand from #SussexRoyal; who are mind-bogglingly, sitting on their hands while attempting to dismantle other people’s duly earned stature instead of building their own; and who are trying their hardest to resist the ground-breaking presence of a mixed race Duchess, legitimately a senior member of the royal family- one who doesn’t fit their subservient view of what her station ought to be, but who is intelligent, accomplished in her own right and secure enough to be unapologetically her authentic self. Unfortunately for the media, poll after poll shows that a majority of Brits favorably regard the couple. The couple, undeterred by the relentless attacks and driven by a real passion to make a difference, continue to use their platform to address issues that are pertinent to the lives of people in a substantive and value-based way.

Consequently, the attacks have graduated to a new stage that focuses on trying to discredit/undermine the Duke and Duchess’ body of work. In recent weeks their modus operandi is to try and pre-empt the messaging around the Sussexes’ projects by muddying the waters with nonsense stories. It is predictable and no-longer subtle and so-called reporters will squander their journalistic integrity to do a hit on the Sussexes. Needless to say, even though other royals have edited magazines before, travel on private jets and are environmental crusaders, somehow, for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, it is considered earth-shattering and monarchy-threatening. The joke of it all. Whoever is making these assessments about scandal needs to pull their heads out of the dirt and get a software update to correct their malfunctioning radar. The Scandal they should be concerned with is right under their noses.

As if the bullying and harassment meted out to the couple by the British media and their enablers is not egregious and unsavory enough, producers and editors at 60 minutes AUS have decided they can do better. They have gathered a group of bottom feeders to create a piece of racist propaganda TV. At the helm is Karl Stefanovic, who for whatever reason made the judgement that, interviewing Katie Hopkins, a xenophobic bold-faced racist and moral degenerate, who has no working knowledge of the royals, is the most expedient way to make his mark. What a disgrace! Or that opportunistic types like Andrew Morton, who have never met the Duchess, yet claims to know her and has never passed on a chance to monetize his unvetted and tenuous “knowledge”. Don’t even get me started on Lizzy Cundy who claims to be a former friend of the Duchess of Sussex, but who has never missed an opportunity to drag up Meghan’s name to get a paycheck. It figures why she is a former friend, if she was actually a friend to begin with, that is. These people have only one thing in common: they are clout chasers and glorified trolls. It has become disgustingly fashionable to pile on the Duchess of Sussex and by God, they must have their sliver of infamy. Well bravo, they got it. Along with a heaping dose of contempt. And the audacity, the sheer gall of them invoking the memory of Diana to placate their abuse of her daughter-in-law is just abominable. Diana would despise you lot.

The only silver lining here is that, the vehement denials in media circles that the vilification of the Duchess of Sussex is primarily rooted in racism should be summarily dismissed. Since the despicable 60 minutes promo was published, not a single one of the usual media participants in this orchestrated smear campaign, have offered comment. They have curiously been silent in this story about the one subject, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, whom they will literally do cartwheels to cover. Across the board, the condemnation has come from individuals who are outside the sphere of royal coverage.

For the benefit of the back-stabbing family members, the propaganda press and their facilitators, the internet and racist trolls who inhabit the underpasses of civilized society let me reiterate: Prince Harry has chosen for himself a half-black goddess who is beautiful, intelligent, poised. They love each other boldly and proudly and they are not going anywhere so you’ll just have to deal. Sorry that their union invokes feelings of insecurity, jealousy, hatred, self-loathing and unrest because you have nothing to show for all those years of “being”, or that your hopes of being royal-adjacent or the fantasy you had for someone else’s life has been shattered. Please spend time to heal and fill the emptiness in yourself, find other ways to enrich your lives, redirect your energy into a fulfilling enterprise because, September is here and the Sussexes are returning to continue their impact-driven work and unreservedly live their lives as they should. For your own sanity, look away and occupy yourselves otherwise.
We all know that will never happen. Even though nothing the Sussexes do or say will ever please their detractors, like moths to a flame, they will seek out and follow the Sussexes’ every move just to say they disapprove. On cue, they will seethe and lose their collective minds and we all look on as they decompose into a putrid footnote in this chapter of history. If that isn’t some real power, then I don’t know what is.


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2 comments on “House Sussex is Power Personified, End of Discussion!

  1. Gladys

    I am revisiting & re- reading all these amazing articles & i do wholesome agree with what you’ve said in this well researched, written & amazing piece Irene, thank you again👏👏👏.
    Sussex House👌👍

  2. Ananda Jayasooriya

    From the Royal visit to South Africa, also shows the Prince Harry’s Humanity over the people which I always like to see and also Duchess Meghan showed her kind nature, which should be admirable quality.Prince Harry made the lovely memories to South African people.

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