Cheyenne Roundtree, Get Off Meghan’s Back

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Cheyenne Roundtree, Get Off Meghan’s Back! In the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty, in the throes of a global pandemic, all the handwashing has failed to get the filth off Cheyenne Roundtree’s hands, neither have the shelter-in-place orders shuttered her particular brand of nonsensical tabloid trash from spilling into polite society.

On Wednesday, March 25 2020, we got the news that the Prince of Wales has tested positive for COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel Corona virus that currently plagues the globe. According to reports, he experienced mild symptoms and was tested on Sunday March 22nd and got his results back on Tuesday, march 24th. He is currently in self-isolation for 14 days at his home in Scotland. The outpouring of support and well wishes for his recuperation were quickly tempered with expressions of frustration that, having what was reported as mild symptoms, he was able to be tested, while healthcare personnel at the frontline of the response, who have been exposed have difficulty getting tested.

This apart from the perceived carelessness of the Prince’s decision to travel over the weekend to Scotland while possibly sick. #Abolishthemonarchy started trending on Twitter. Naturally, as has become standard practice with the British Royal family and their media friends, there had to be a swift dispatch of a Meghan Markle hit piece, to distract readers and simultaneously engage the army of online haters in a Meghan feeding frenzy. Today, the honor fell to Cheyenne Roundtree, a bi-racial woman herself, to do Massa’s bidding.

With all her journalistic knowledge that she acquired from her alma-mater Univ. of Missouri at Columbia, she delivered the idiotic “pièce de résistance” that was meant to remind us that, Meghan Markle is really the Corona virus villain that we were all overlooking. The whole premise of her story is stupid.

Canada has closed its borders, trans-continental flights carry the very real risk of exposure to the virus in asymptomatic infected travelers and Prince Charles himself is in isolation for two weeks; even away from his wife, who resides in the same dwelling. But somehow, the implication that Prince Harry traveling to the UK would be wise, or would accomplish anything while his father is in isolation, is tossed out like red meat to the predators, so that they can devour Meghan all over again. Any intelligent journalist would know that traveling at this moment is not the most expedient decision.

The Queen is staying put in her Windsor Castle, likewise Harry’s older brother at his Norfolk home. Harry didn’t need Meghan to “lay down the law”. Plus, Cheyenne does not have access to even the faintest whiff of perfume emanating from the outermost circle of Meghan’s friends. It’s all made up BS, and Cheyenne knows it. She just doesn’t have enough scruples or self-respect, to practice her trade with integrity. You see, this is not Cheyenne’s first rodeo. She has been desperately trying to get up the food chain at her tabloid outfit for a while now, on Meghan’s back.

Last week, she had another nonsensical piece out, alleging that Meghan was requiring her staffers to follow a strict hygiene protocol. Not that this tabloid hack has any idea what goes on in the Sussexes’ household, but again, in the midst of a pandemic of a highly infectious viral agent, strict hygienic practices should be the norm. The assertion here, because it’s the reasonable expectation, sounds plausible as a scoop. Its not. Just some creative fabrication with a sprinkling of words like ‘demand’ to make a precaution that everybody is likely exercising, take on a negative connotation, assuming it were true. Just one more reason for readers to hate Meghan.

Because Cheyenne desperately wants the world to know, according to her, how bad Meghan is, or maybe she really needs the money, she would regularly repackage the same story under different titles/headlines and hawk it to multiple outlets. As seen in the screenshots above, she’s telling New Zealanders that Meghan says there’s nothing legal barring her from using the Sussex royal name. Never mind that the Sussexes had clearly outlined on their website that they were not going to use the name. For her special breed of Daily Mail readers, she amped up the volume with “defiant Meghan” telling the Queen how things are going to go. Plain evil.

The same tricks are employed with the above story( screenshots) to spread her lies far and wide. The sad thing is that, the outlets repeatedly use her, a woman of color to do their dirty work, to allow them the plausible deniability of racism, which has largely informed the othering of Meghan by the British media. Surely, a woman of color wrote the story, the coverage cannot therefore be motivated by racism can it ? wrong. Cheyenne is just a pawn, being used by editors to further their anti-Meghan agenda. Unfortunately, she is happy to oblige, for whatever compensation she receives. Let’s be clear, I am by no means suggesting that, women of color journalists should lose their objectivity when the subject is a person of color. What Cheyenne is producing is no hard news or ground-breaking journalism. Just malicious gossip. One has to wonder what would drive any person, let alone a woman of color to relentlessly malign another for profit? I cannot imagine it’s honorable.

This woman just won’t stop. Even though it was publicly known that Meghan was doing a voice over for Disney in return for a donation to the conservation charity Elephants Without Borders, madam Roundtree found a way to twist that into some kind of conduit to Meghan resurrecting her career. Of course, the source was supposedly a close friend, exclusively to her. Yea right. Anyone who believes that Meghan’s friends will speak to anyone at the Daily Mail, an outlet she is currently suing for breach of privacy, lives in an alternate universe.

In January, hot on the heels of the Sussexes announcement to step back as working royals, Cheyenne was going to have a piece of the pie. Several pieces, actually. During that period, Tom Bradby had mentioned that, a lot of unsavory things went on behind the scenes, and that the royal family would be wise to accommodate and not antagonize the Sussexes through the transition otherwise, if they ever did a tell all interview, it will be disastrous for the royal family. So, to stir the pot, here comes a totally unfounded piece about Meghan giving a sit down interview to Ellen. Of course at the time, it fed perfectly into the narrative that Meghan wanted to monetize her royal affiliations or whatever. She was so proud of the piece that she retweeted it.

Don’t forget the stories about how “Quitting the royal family is best for Harry” if you’re reading the New Zealand Herald version or “Harry will flourish now that he’s left the family” if you fancy the Daily Mail. Same content , different bow. Oh and of course this was an exclusive from a close friend. Inner circle. At this point, I question even her imagination. What happened in their creative writing class?

But hey, hustlers got to hustle so, let’s get another slice of the pie with another outrage-evoking story: “Friend reveals Meghan can now do what she pleases without asking permission”. Remember the Meghan Markle who always broke protocol and didn’t want to follow the rules of the monarchy? Yes, that one. Now she’s got what she wants. And by the way, she “ has the full support of Doria Ragland”. Why not drag the courtly mother of the Duchess, who has maintained a dignified silence and admirable discretion about her daughter’s affairs, into the crosshairs of riled up detractors?
If you were not paying attention, you would not have known that the separation agreement between the Sussexes and the royal family explicitly stated that they were free to pursue their charitable and financial ventures without palace oversight. Those are the terms. They do not sound scandalous until Cheyenne informs us that, Meghan’s “friend” says now she can do as she pleases.

These are the spoils of one woman. One who got a degree in magazine editing from a respectable institution of higher learning and who appears to have been unsuccessful at charting an honest and dignified career path, and is now reduced to a gossip girl at none other, than the Daily Mail.

For a person who had no qualms about heaping a pile of bullsh!t stories that serve as fuel for the abuse of Meghan, it was actually pathetic that she quickly locked her Twitter account, once people started to challenge her on her most recent anti-Meghan Corona virus hit piece.

To Cheyenne Roundtree, tabloid hack extraordinaire; Enough of the nonsense. Get off Meghan’s back and make an honest living. For all the hate that you’ve driven Meghan’s way, you couldn’t even stand to answer legitimate critiques of your “work”. You ran because you have no integrity or substance. That is the difference between you and the woman you seek to destroy, to make your way in life. A fraction of whose accomplishments, you can only dream of. It is why you will remain at the bottom of the barrel, as she soars to even greater heights. You know why darling?, because you will reap the harvest of your corrupt seed.


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17 comments on “Cheyenne Roundtree, Get Off Meghan’s Back

  1. Giray

    I do believe Meghan has been bullied. Right now in the midst of a pandemic people still bullying. That said she does have many supporters from all walks of life However I am disappointed that many of her supporters are unaware or ignorant that other people of colour do not approve of her theres a black footballer called Toure Bakahai not sure if I have spelt his name properly and other people of colour that are bashing her too who are not slaves thats their opinion.

  2. Elizabeth Badu

    Once again excellent article, l tell you friends karma will come to her doorstep when she less expected it trust me ,it will happen.

  3. Conie Brussels

    Another well written article,thank you.This Cheyenne woman has sold her soul to the devil,KARMA will be always waiting at her door.

  4. Emmanuella

    What the hell is wrong with the royal family? It’s clear that they have given the okay for these royal reporters and tabloids to humiliate this couple. They’ve done nothing wrong . It could have been a simple exit that has now been complicated by the press. What is their end goal? This family is the most terrible thing ever. Harry if you’re reading this you need to put your foot down and start those lawsuits, and counter these false stories about you and your wife.

    1. Joyce

      The royal family ,the press and the trolls are mad tha the Sussexes called their bluffs, they thought the couple will continue to take their abuse. The more they continue their nonsense the more they are showing themselves to the world and the Sussexes will be more supported and successful in their own life. The haters need to deal with their envy, jealousy and racism.

  5. Alicia

    It would appear that this Cheyenne woman has never heard of the word KARMA. Since she’s so interested in connecting Duchess Megan to Coronavirus, let’s hope that Cheyenne doesn’t come down with it.

  6. Rose

    Cheyenne Roundtree reminds me of that woman who did that racist cartoon for BBC under the guise of satire, and did she become a household, no. They were spun from the same cloth. As you said, they will never rise from the gutter.

    Nobody who ever worked with Meghan, or knows her, has ever depicted this picture of a demanding domineering woman. Thank God Meghan had established a life visible to many, and all sensible people see through manufactured bullshit.

    Cheyenne, go get a job!

  7. Airat

    Interesting, humourous, albeit a poignant piece. We applaud you lrene. The Cheyenne lady is a mercenary…simple. You don’t appeal to thirsty people;you don’t remind them of the values of professionalism,integrity or kindness because you will be wasting your time. This lady is trying to put food on her table!
    Apart from that,we should know that most of those who hate Meghan are coloured ladies: how could she get lucky? why shouldn’t she be tortured? But she has always been la di da and she never dated a black man!,so why should we pity her? Cheyenne represents both sets..the mercenary and the envious,but Meghan supporters are not relenting as they are on Twitter mocking and giving them a run for their bullying.

  8. Joyce

    The truth behind all these negativities is pure envy, jealousy and racism. There are a lot of women who have soft spots for Harry and angry that he chose a bi- racial woman over them. There were some courtiers grooming their daughters thinking they had a chance, then you have the families who taught these pair were not supposed to be important but found that they are a force to be reckoned with, this sent envy & jealousy into overdrive.Then they wanted to monetise them especially their son but couldn’t do it due to the abuse of the media and their families, this has made the press mad, they decided to make money off them by negative reporting. The daily fail knows they will not win the law suit filed against the daily fail,so they want to make money while they can and very soon they will not be able to report on the Sussexes as they would have stepped back as senior royals. As for this reporter, her resume says it all, no credible outlets would employ her, the daily fail is the only one who has given her longevity, she is the lowest , irrelevant and a disgrace to humanity . She should be bold to defend her writing rather than hiding, she has sold her soul to the devil and she will always be a scum bag.
    Thank you for calling her out, she has to account for deeds. We will continue to support the Sussexes.

    1. Airat

      Interesting, humourous, albeit a poignant piece. We applaud you lrene. The Cheyenne lady is a mercenary…simple. You don’t appeal to thirsty people;you don’t remind them of the values of professionalism,integrity or kindness because you will be wasting your time. This lady is trying to put food on her table!
      Apart from that,we should know that most of those who hate Meghan are coloured ladies: how could she get lucky? why shouldn’t she be tortured? But she has always been la di da and she never dated a black man!,so why should we pity her? Cheyenne represents both sets..the mercenary and the envious,but Meghan supporters are not relenting as they are on Twitter mocking and giving them a run for their bullying.

  9. Lovi

    This is great 👍🏻👍🏻I agree with you when You said that they use her to say they are not racist. Why do they think that they are going to Mess with God’s child and don’t get burn. Jealousy is evil even in these times The devil 👿 is doing his work. I really feel for Harry because it must eat Him to see how they treat his wife. I think he will take down the monarchy if they continue. I feel that something big is going to come from Harry on April 1st and I can’t wait.

  10. Gladys

    Thank you Irene for putting such a vermin in her place which is in the gutters, the thing i’ve come to realise is that the very many atributes of Meghan have made so many mad, they wonder how at such a younger age Meghan has come to accomplish what they just dream of & will never come to accomplish even if given two more bonus lives, & how stupid one can be, how envious & jealousy this woman is to be used as an agent of hate to another person of colour being a poc herself😕

  11. Ellie Holder

    Great article! Thank you for such a quick response to this fraud. She will never have a decent job in America because she’s known as a house slave. She’s jealous because Duchess Meghan married a Prince. Her writing is symbolic to “a bucket of crabs.” She’s a crab!

  12. Dinah

    Lately the daily fail has changed its strategy (maybe for legal reasons): the Meghan hit pieces are many being written in the US. They uses their NY/US branche and has hired this reporter to fabricate hit pieces on Meghan (and Harry), pretending that she is on speed dial with ‘close friends’ in Meghan’s ‘innercircle’, who on a regular basis pass on details of her private life to her; the same publication she is suing for breaching of her privacy. This stupidity doesn’t make any sense, but again, they don’t care. They know they can sell any story as exclusive news to their brainless readership without any accountability. Also knowing that the rest op the media in the UK and worldwide will publish their fabricated nonsense within minutes. I really hope the trial of the lawsuit comes soon…

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