British Media’s Anti-Meghan and Harry Agenda Should Learn from America

British Media’s Anti-Meghan and Harry Agenda Should Learn from America
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The recent Trump-incited mob invasion on the U.S. Capitol Building should serve as a lesson for the British media’s relentless attack on Meghan and Harry. Why? Because the seed of that unrest is not about the election results. Trump’s loss and seditious acts were merely the triggers.

The seed was born from a dominant power class that embraces white supremacy trying to keep their boot on the neck of those whom they deem are not of them, not deemed worthy of equality or power.

That’s it. That’s the U.S.’s sin from birth.

And the side-effect of this landscape erupted for the umpteenth time just a few weeks ago. The trigger was fueled by Trump’s relentless racist, elitist BS, with the enabling social media platforms, the right-wing media empire, and the sycophants who serve as minions for the spreading of disinformation and defending the racist stance.

The warning to the Brits is that feeding and rearing this rabid beast of hate would have consequences. Here we are where the beast breaks loose and rampages to destroy and go on the hunt for those deemed disloyal and unworthy of their freedom and life. Already, two young men sit in jail for plotting the demise of Prince Harry for being “a race traitor”. Speak not, of the countless death threats/wishes that have been made openly on social media against Meghan.

Look at those elements and the similarities that exist within the British media’s cottage industry of hate toward Meghan and Harry.
The British media’s fanatical dedication to attacking Meghan and Harry is feeding its own beast with no regard for what they are inciting to come, sooner or later.

That sin that was the birth of the U.K. shares the same tenets of the U.S. with its intersection of classist, racist, elitist political/social structures that thrive on keeping segments of society at the top or excluding others from an equal footing.

The players of this cabal-of-hate for Meghan in the U.K. leads back to the head of the snake, the Queen. Because whether she’s tucked away in the dusty rooms of Windsor or Sandringham or front and center at Buckingham Palace, she is the keeper of the keys to the Firm. She is the face of this godawful institution and its band of royal racists and the conductor to the royal rota who are the guardians of her secrets and her legacy.

And that cottage industry of hate for Meghan serves to divert attention from the U.K.’s bad news, scandals, or fractures in the dwindling empire and its politics. This business of hate has both financial and labor resources dedicated to the sabotage and character assassination directed at Meghan and Harry. The wallets are deep for this endeavor with large corporations and billionaires funding this enterprise. As a result, the mission is long-term.

The consumer who may not have had any real feelings about Meghan, Meghan and Harry, Harry, or the entire family, are given this curated poison to infect their thoughts and to elicit a harsh judgment against this royal family.

When there is reader fatigue, the media amps up the content with even more divisive takes doctored with so-called royal experts and anonymous royal insiders -undisciplined adult gossips really- to ensure that the intensity of hate continues for Meghan, especially.

For what end? What do the royals, the Rota, and the sycophants want and expect from this campaign of character assassination?

Easy answer: That the hate thrives. That the hate WILL manifest into something worse in some people who only need a trigger to act out destructively.
This nefarious agenda is the reason that we speak out and fight against their tyranny. It’s a dangerous game that they play with the lives of Meghan, Harry, Archie, and Doria.

But the world is watching. All eyes are on the royal family and their media collaborators. This time, you are not going to bite and then blow. You will not incite hate, and God forbid tragedy, and then offer a performance.


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14 comments on “British Media’s Anti-Meghan and Harry Agenda Should Learn from America

  1. Melina

    This is an accurate and frightening piece in equal measure.
    When is the life of a non-white person going to be given the equivalence of a white person? The hatred is buried in some contorted need in these people, to abandon critical thought, and attack another person to make themselves feel better. I think Halle Berry said something similar a great number of years ago. Someone white, even in the lowest social strata, needs to attack a person of colour to feel better in trying to subjugate them.
    Whilst I am certain that the powerful entities (Royal Family, Media owners and their “Carousel” of compliant idiots, and subservient friends) and are in play, I am unfailingly bewildered and disappointed in a large element of the populous who will slavishly follow the very obvious narrative. In an age where we are supposed to be more enlightened, the ignorance is staggering!
    Many of us people of colour can see crystal clearly how disgusting the micro aggressions, incitement of hatred, and downright victimisation of the Duchess of Sussex have played out from the outset of her relationship with Prince Harry. We have endured this treatment in some form, possibly all of our lives. The tragedy for the Duchess is the volume is amped up exponentially because of her position, and the powerful forces moving to crush her. This is most definitely a deliberate plan with all the “attack dogs” in place.
    It has been brilliant for me to find this website, as it has restored my faith that people do and can see this abhorrent agenda against her and her immediate family.

  2. C.T.

    Bam! Drop the microphone 🎤. You write some of the most amazing articles!! You always call it like it is!!!!

  3. S.J. Gore

    My anger is too strong to express in words. For this I say, every darkness has a Light shinning at it. The British People have been under hypnosis for so long, they’re lost in the wildness of their minds
    Sadly, it’s been over a century. But, as angry as I am, I have faith, a change is bound to come, and my GOD have mercy on their Souls.

  4. Alberta

    Your words are so true. Look at how Trump’s lies almost killed US democracy and killed five people. The lies from the British media has generated a lot of trolls/haters and need to end.

  5. Vetty

    Thank you. That was a brilliant piece, powerful and sczry. Scary of what could or would’ve happened were they still here. As you’ve said two yobs are locked away for threats on Harry. What if they hadn’t been caught. What if,….. lots of what iffs.. Shudder to think. Thank God they are not here. Although I shouldn’t be, but I m baffled, I still cannot comprehend the surge of this hate. I know it was there from the beginning maybe 50% of the time with media infIuence, but even on the day if the wedding it wasn’t as bad, so what went wrong, what did Meghan do for the the surge? Im thinking maybe the successfull Oceanic tour, the reception, the people, the adolation, her perfect speeches, the banana cake/bread she baked herself and took as a gift to visit a family on a farm, etc, etc. Or maybe it was the fact that she announced her pregnancy to the Australian press first instead of the UK trashy tabloids. Maybe its all the above, although I know its got to be all that still I’m still baffled, baffled because I cannot believe grown arse people can be so infantile, picky and sooo jealous to the point of hate. Such people are very evil 😈 And That’s What Scary.

    1. Cecilia Haynes-Scholes

      Because she it the ground running she has done this work before worked for world vision as well as her job was bought up to help and give back not just to visit someone that is sick in a very expensive dress asked them if they are ok and that’s it they are in the position and rich enough to set something up for the younger generation and give back

  6. Joyce

    Thank you Mich for a wonderful piece. I am happy that the royal family has exposed themselves to the world to see their evil plans with the media as their mouthpiece. The hypocrisy and double standards are just out of this world. The Prince of Wales has written to the new POTUS to congratulate him and at the same time expressing his wishes to work with him on climate change. We all remembered the outcry when the Sussexes encouragement for voting was amplified in a negative way. The world is watching and we all should continue to pray for the Sussexes. Their evil plans against the Sussexes will fail in Jesus name.Amen

  7. Lucy Lee

    The lies they write are now being read worldwide and more people are questioning everything they ever read about that family and thought was true. The end goal does seem to be harm to the Sussex Family. In a perverse way the Covid 19 pandemic has shielded the Sussexes and allowed them the time to retreat from center stage. I know they have security but I still pray for their security.

  8. Gladys

    Yes Mich, sure i understand & clearly see what you mean about the workings of RF & their working dogs the British Media, Royal reporters & the so called experts.

  9. Charmaine Wong-Sang

    GREAT INFORMATIVE ARTICLE. I don’t understand why they’re still attacking her even though she left the island. Something needs to be done to stop it. This is too much 🙄🙄

  10. Connie Brussels

    Once again another insightful article!!!!! You always keep us on edge for more!!!!!well done and thank you M!!!!!!please keep it coming!!!!!!👍👍💕💕👏👏

  11. Jacqueline Matthews

    Thank you Mich. Powerful and direct. The world is watching and we have taken their full measure. The British establishment – including the royal family – and their billionaire media owners drove Meghan out of the country because as a black biracial woman they believed she’s in a space she doesn’t belong. Now they are working towards radicalizing someone enough to harm her, Harry and Archie. She has not talked about them since they left almost a year ago, but they write dozens of articles about her with fabricated stories, daily.

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