Supporting Social Enterprise And Ethical Brands

  • Photo by Outland Denim

  • 1st public appearance Mother Jeans Duchess Meghan wore sold out in 3 days and 400 people on waitlist & 200% increase in website visits creating brand awareness.
  • Everlane bag she carried sold out leaving 20,000 people on the waitlist
  • White coat worn at engagement announcement sold out immediately and resulted in Canadian Line the Label company website crashed
  • Birks the Canadian jeweler grew its global presence to Japan, Russian markets
  • Strathberry bag sold out in 11 minutes increasing website visits by 5000%
  • Duchess Meghan the former Meghan Markle championed unknown Welsh brand Hiut Denim by wearing their jeans sales grew so much that the business expanded their factory to keep up with demand thrusting the brand to global status.
  • During royal tour in Australia, the Duchess of Sussex selected a pair of jeans by Outland Denim, which provides a living wage to its seamstresses in small villages in Cambodia. started as a way to help survivors of human trafficking on the path to recovery but has recently expanded to include “those at risk of falling into poverty. Publicity from Duchess Meghan resulted in company hiring 15-30 more workers.
  • Veja sneakers the former Meghan Markle wore on the trip are packaged by people who are struggling to find work, including individuals who’ve previously been incarcerated.


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