Meghan’s Gems: “I Dream Pretty Big”

Meghan Gems I Dream Pretty Big

“I dream pretty big but truly had no idea my life could be this awesome. I am the luckiest girl in the world, without question!” Meghan Markle

We don’t know if Meghan has ever said that she dreamed to be a princess. Nothing wrong with anyone wanting to be a princess as a life goal. Simply stating a fact for those who think Meghan was driven by such a goal, to work feverishly to “chase down her prince”. Also, as an additional point of fact, we know she was advised not to marry into the Royal Family because of the British tabloids’ reputation to be relentless in their pursuit of character assassination. If her dream was to be a princess, the British Family was hardly the gold standard of monarchies.

In Meghan’s own words, dreaming big meant being a successful working actress. It meant having a family. It meant staying true to oneself by having a good heart before and during one’s success. Looks like she can tick each box with a huge check mark of accomplished.

Not one to sit on her laurels, however, Meghan continues to dream big and continues to challenge herself with massive and complex goals. She’s been in training for the endeavors that she’s about to take on for most of her life. Before getting on the successful Suits TV show, Meghan lived through auditions and rejections like most actors. Sticking to her dream, she built her career and earned her spot as a regular on the Suits series. Putting in the time, unafraid of the hard work, and being tenacious built her stamina for the grind.

On the Suits set, seeing the potential food waste from the set, she lobbied the powers that be into donating the excess canteen food to a nearby shelter. She organized Thanksgiving meals, and some cast members also participated, to ensure families could also enjoy the day. Her language is problem solving, and that has been evident in her approach to patronages. She got involved with humanitarian causes far from home; immersing herself in the lives of those less fortunate and helping raise funds and awareness about the lack of resources that most of the world take for granted.

There is also Meghan’s innate ability to connect and draw young people in. We have seen her listening intently in an academic setting, or with young entrepreneurs, or with young members of the community recharging their lives toward a positive direction. She instinctively encourages these young people to be fearless with what they need to do, to accomplish their goals.

Meghan has the success and access because of what she has accomplished. She has acknowledged and embraced this power and the responsibility it comes with, to do more and be better. Beyond the glitz and glamour, there is a down-to-earth quality to Meghan’s demeanor that has been highlighted by longtime friends and instantly commented on by those who have met her for the first time. She is anchored by humility, confidence, and a level of honesty about what she has accomplished with hard work and determination.

While there is the intangible luck-factor that is always attached to a successful person’s life, let’s be clear, Meghan wasn’t handed or inherited wealth or status because of a birthright. Doors weren’t opened because of her family name. And she wasn’t wrapped in a false cocoon of adoration for being titled or born into a certain social class.

So, when she has earned her accolades and successfully completed her goals, she deserves to celebrate with unabashed joy. She’s inspired and she inspires.


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