Only between Prince Harry and Princess Meghan


The ongoing smear campaign against the HRH Duke and Duchess of Sussex, particularly Duchess Meghan, has been vile in all its details, its sanctions, and its relentlessness: three years nonstop. The latest rant now is ” Private Jet-gate ” adding to countless other “gates.”

According to Spain Vanity Fair and other Spanish media outlets the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent several days in Ibiza arriving via private jets. According to The Sun, two days later the couple along with Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor and entourage, flew to Nice, France via private jet. The Sun was quick to report that the private jet is owned by the luxury firm Net Jets and included the price per person in their report. This initiated the name-calling by the naysayers, royal correspondents, and trolls – “Hypocrites!” The word was hatefully shouted over the rooftops. “Practice what you preach” ‘Why can’t they use commercial flights?” were among the frequently heard complaints.

The Duke and Duchess have used commercial flights on many occasions. Note: they arrived in Australia at the beginning of their 16-day tour on Quantas, a commercial airline. They were once mocked for taking a commercial flight occupying seats near the restroom and purchasing several rows of vacant seats for security purposes. What the report in The Sun failed to mention is that NetJets uses an eco-friendly program whereby they offer customers committed to environmental responsibility a way to offset carbon emissions. The couple chose to use an eco-friendly charter service not for propaganda, not for public relations points, but simply because they wanted it to be something in harmony with their beliefs.

As previously mentioned, members of the royal family frequently use private jets. Prince William and Prince Charles are known to also “preach” about climate change and other environmental issues, but are never called our for their use of private jets. Trolls-in-Chief, (aka Piers Morgan) and members of his family use private jets, yet he dares to appear on television and harshly criticize the Duke and Duchess of Sussex labeling them as hypocrites. The true hypocrites are those who slam the couple for doing the same thing but not showing any interest in saving the planet.

Information explaining how the eco-friendly charter program works is readily available on the Internet. Including this information could possibly have quelled the harshness of the backlash. However, the mission of the British media is not to honestly inform its readers, but to agitate and create controversy, especially when it comes to the Sussex family, so they write click and bait articles filled with misleading information.

Even though Sir Elton John came forward to defend the couple, explain that he hired the eco-friendly charter service and asked that the harsh criticisms of them stop, it did not. So the ongoing smear campaign is not really about private jets, it’s about vileness; it’s about character assassination from those who are awfully biased and jealous of a young couple who truly desire to make the world a better place and at the same time, KEEPING IT REAL WITH THEMSELVES.


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