Meghan’s Gems: “Don’t Ever Forget Your Worth”

Meghan Gems don't ever forget your worth

“Keep finding those Tig moments of discovery, keep laughing and taking risks, and keep being ‘the change you wish to see in the world.’ Above all, don’t ever forget your worth – as I’ve told you time and time again: you, my sweet friend, you are enough.” Meghan Markle

Meghan’s remarks were to her fans upon the closing of The Tig blog. How prophetic did that message turn out to be in a tumultuous four-year span that marked her life inside the British royal bubble.

Imagine being fit and ready to take on the marathon of your life. It’ll be tough. You might not complete the race in record time or with stunning performance, but all of those prior days of preparing as a student, working in many jobs, performing charitable, selfless acts have put you in good stead for this epic moment.

Then you step up to take your place, knowing deep in your heart that you’ve got this. Not only are you proud of yourself for being well-prepared and hopeful for what you will accomplish, but you are looking forward to the support and respect that will come your way from those around you on the new landscape.

And the marathon begins. You take the first few steps and before you go farther, someone pulls out a rule book with protocols that must be adhered to for tradition’s sake. However, others in similar stead as you are seemingly free to ignore the rules. But you comply and continue onward. Out of the blue, someone on the sideline sticks out his foot as you approach. You trip, stumble, bruise a knee and wonder if he meant to sabotage or was it a coincidence. Once again, you reset and continue, finishing mile after mile, shaking off various obstacles that pop up like land mines in a field.

You get your stride, confidence builds, the crowd cheers.
You overtake those who have been in the marathon for a while but have shown no special ability to excel.

One participant in particular, instead of digging deep and pushing harder to stay abreast chooses to throw herself in front of you to impede your progress. This sabotage is unnecessary given that there is no need for competition as the game is rigged for her to win. Still, she relies on her tantrums for pity and reassurance that she is still in the game.

The constant beat down takes you by surprise and requires a quick minute to reassess the landscape. It is not your responsibility to hold yourself back for someone else’s comfort. No apology is necessary for outshining mediocrity.

However, to stay in this marathon means locking away a piece of your soul. It means surrendering what makes you authentic. You slow down and then stop. Your mind is made up. The marathon isn’t worth the effort or the sacrifice of your health and family’s well-being. You walk off the field and out of the stadium.

Meghan had to close this chapter in order to move forward.
Look who’s laughing, enjoying her life with her family. Look who’s winning in the unbiased media. Look who is landing accomplishment after accomplishment when the playing field is fair. Always know your worth.


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6 comments on “Meghan’s Gems: “Don’t Ever Forget Your Worth”

  1. Airat

    ‘…a quick minute to reassess the landscape. It is not your responsibility to hold yourself back for someone else’s comfort. No apology is necessary for outshining mediocrity.’
    A great text by Mich Monk—as usual— but I had to bring out this particular quote because it not only encapsulates Meghan’s and Harry’s unprecedented move,but it represents the principle that has guided me in life. I will continue to proclaim (at the risk of sounding like a broken record) that Harry and Meghan are a formidable force and nothing can sabotage their feats.

  2. Lanz

    Again, a great article! I love the marathon metaphor and how imaginatively you aptly describe what happened. Trip and trip, the brazen blocker and most interesting is case of one who felt the runner is supposed to simply acknowledge the pre-selected winner and just stop running! I had on a smile of respectful appreciation throughout. Thank you very much!

  3. Bridgette Manley

    Thanks for such an insightful perspective, some of us need encouragement to be accountable in our lives and lead by examples. It hasn’t been always easy to discipline ourselves with too much adversity to endure. One have to fund the common ground and strength to embolden your convictions. It’s a trial and error run that gives the test of time. We always live to fight another day because tomorrow is never promised. It’s always a wake up call never ending saga. We fall, we rise and always persevere the choice of yardstick and examples to follow for success

  4. Elizabeth Badu

    Thanks Mich once again you didn’t disappoint, it was exellent and insightful article, she will always win in her endeavours,because she always think through things before taking on any project, because every pros and cons are thought through carefully,with her intelligence and elouquency she will always win in any project that interest her.

  5. Marjorie Ireland

    HRH Duchess Rachel Meghan, Black Princess of the UK and the USA is a woman of GREAT SUBSTANCE and and a WOMAN FOR ALL SEASONS!!! She looks so Young because her heart is clean and pure! No need for her to try Botox. From the abundance of a pure, kind, loving Heart, her mouth speaks!!!!She has shut out the “Noise Makers” who , instead of trying to better themselves, spend their days spewing Hate! May God continue to bless HRH Duchess Rachel Meghan, HRH Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex & HRH master Archie.

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