FLOWER: A Birthday Tribute to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Birthday Tribute to Meghan
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Flower, is the nickname that your loving mother, Ms. Doria Ragland gave you. Could it be because she had insight into your future and how it will unfold as you go through life? I don’t know what made her pick that nickname, but I do know that she definitely captured your essence in that nickname. They say mom knows best.

Flowers are a thing of beauty and just pleasant to enjoy. They bloom in different shapes, sizes and colours. Even in the same colour, there are different hues, spanning the spectrum of saturation. There are different textures and give of different and distinct fragrances. Being that they each have symbolic meanings, we give or gift them as a way of conveying a message or sentiment. No matter the occasion, there is a flower that speaks to it.
Like a flower, your outer beauty is stunning. Elegance comes naturally to you. You have mastered the ability to show up in the most subtle way; simple but nonetheless outstanding, and when the occasion calls for it, girl do you pack a punch! Not only does a flower capture your outer beauty, it represents your inner beauty as well. At once soft, kind, compassionate, strong and fierce. Far from simplistic, a kind of beauty that is unique, textured and rich.

Credit The Tig/Meghan Markle

As flowers exist and speak for each occasion, so do you possess the power of communication. No matter the occasion or the platform, you’re never without an apt message. It is in the warm smile that says I’m happy to meet you or the handshake or embrace that says I see you. In your adornment, you speak volumes. When the moments call, big and small, you have a message that meets it squarely. Through your nature and powerful inspirational messages, you have encouraged many to embrace their self-worth, to believe in their innate capacity, and most certainly spur them into action.

Flowers are not just beautiful to look at, or a great gift that uplifts the dullest mood. They can be nutritional and medicinal, have natural air refreshing and pest repellent properties. So, Meghan, are you multifaceted; An intelligent woman, who not only can play on the world stage, but can let her hair down, get on the ground and tag elephants with the men. A nurturing mother who is a champion for many, a devoted wife and advocate against injustice. Not only a fine actor, but an impressive cook. Writing? Yes she can do that too- conceptually and in refinement of script. It is no wonder that some are utterly overwhelmed by you. You’re not just a pretty face.

One of the multi-dimensional qualities of flowers is in their biological function to effect reproduction. Through reproduction, we get growth and yield fruit. Again, Meghan possesses the ability to be the change agent, the facilitator for growth, in whatever environment she inhabits. Whether as an eleven year old or a thirty-something year adult. We’ve seen it in a community kitchen, at SmartWorks, in an innovative children’s exhibition to support clean water, on a production set and so much more. Her work has a positive multiplier effect on those who are open and receptive. There is always a yield to quantify.

Meghan and Doria Ragland/Credit The Tig

Meghan, the attributes that make you so effective and proficient at what you do, have at times ruffled more than a few feathers. You really are a flower aren’t you? Similarly, pollen is essential to a flower’s reproductive role but, pollen is not well tolerated by all. There’s a spectrum of allergic reactions to pollen, ranging from annoying and uncomfortable sniffles, full blown hives to outright life and death crisis. That has never stopped flowers from blooming and producing pollen for the purpose reproducing and yielding fruit. The allergy is the subject’s to manage. Flower has work to do. There are bees to collaborate with, to create a win-win situation: fruit and honey.

So, Meghan, Doria’s flower, keep blooming and yielding fruit. That is how God created you. That is the purpose he designed for you. For that He not only placed a bedrock of support in the form of a mother, He has placed in your life, a man who appreciates your complex and rich beauty and essence, and is devoted to nurturing and protecting you, and allowing you to flourish, as you in turn enrich his life. If this does not spell BLESSINGS, then I don’t know what does.



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13 comments on “FLOWER: A Birthday Tribute to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

  1. Bridgette

    We appreciate all the support and love wishing her many more blessings with her family this day and beyond.

  2. Conie Brussels

    What a beautiful and truthful article.We are greatful to you and Meghanpedia for all you do for our QUEEN!!!!!!!!So HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN MEGHAN,we have got your back!!!!!!👍👍❤️❤️💯💯

  3. M

    I’m sitting here crying for the beauty that you speak m, the beauty of your written words & the beautiful gift from God that is Rachel Meghan Markle aka Doria’s flower 🌹 🌺 🌸 . Thank you 🙏🏼 🙏🏽, God bless

  4. Marjorie Ireland

    Beautiful tribute to a Beautiful Flower created by God for Harry & to make this world a better Place!! Blessings to HRH Duchess Rachel Meghan, Black Princess of the UK & the USA for her Birthday! Girl you look like a stunning 16 year old! Whats the secret?

  5. Sharon Jackson

    Wow that all I can say. This definitely the most beautiful tribute to the Duchess of Sussex I have read to day. Every words is so true in my eyes. May God keep blessing her. with Harry and Archie & Doria Happy Birthday my Princess .. blessed to the one that wrote this amazing Article.

  6. Elizabeth Badu

    Exellent article you’ve said it all, all what l want to is happiest birthday our Duchess of Sussex may the good Lord continue to bless and keep you always, bon anniversaire

  7. Joyce

    Thank you Grace for this wonderful tribute and how you analysed the beautiful nickname given to our sweet and beloved Meghan. I have to say that I cried after reading it. Happy birthday to our precious beautiful woman and may God confuse your detractors. May God bless you and your husband,son including the future children. Amen Have a wonderful day with your precious love.

  8. Evelyn Bell

    Happy Birthday Meghan. Your presence in this world has enriched an endless number of lives. Simply just by being you. You dear Meaghan are a magnificent gift to young and old.

  9. Graceflorence

    Maria this is Grace, thank you for that Iam very grateful, and happy birthday to the most loving and caring woman who has inspired so many for that is what leaders should be,not only have the power to rule or lead but also to inspire and generate a positive productive society.

  10. Rachel Daniels

    This here article I must say is one of my absolute favourite pieces Meghanpedia have put out. Happy Birthday Meghan.

  11. Judith Serene

    Happy birthday to this flower we love you Meghan and your loving husband you have taught me a valuable lesson of all times. you taught me to smile even in the hardest times thank you. Thank you Meghanpedia for the wonderful work you do.

  12. Gladys

    Indeed a fitting nickname befitting a trully amazing woman, A Very Happy & Warm Birthday Meghan Markel 🎈🌷🌸🌹🍀🍁🌼🌻🎂🍸

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