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“Years from now your site will be like a history book on the Duchess…”A Meghanpedia reader and supporter

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Maria H. Weber
Alyson North
Irene Silverstone

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Irene Silverstone
Tina Franklin
Darima Pebors, responsible for Meghanpedia Newsletter

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Irene Silverstone
Lorna Likiza
Jacqueline Matthews
Mich Monk
Ivy Barrow
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Mich Monk, responsible for Meghanpedia Youtube
Ivy Barrow

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Christelle, responsible for Meghanpedia Francophone content

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Leo T. Golden


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Alyson North
Receipts Website

Senior Researcher


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Zanye Linda
Kristine Welby
Julia Napier
Etta Ibok
Pamela J
Kip Zane
Annie Manzi
Regina Hartley
Roxanne Mullins
Tina Michelle
Amala H
Nao Corner
Bhalo Meye
Grace Florence

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