Duke & Duchess of Sussex Royal Visit Morocco

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The Queen of England’s government believes in promoting girls education and women’s empowerment. Her government asked Their Royal Highnesses Duke and Duchess of Sussex to strengthen ties with the nation of Morocco. Their Royal Highnesses are in Morocco to promote girl’s education, empower young people and support children from disadvantaged backgrounds. They will also meet some of the country’s young entrepreneurs who are shaping modern Morocco.

The Duchess of Sussex honored the people of Morocco when she landed in Casablanca wearing a red dress.

Meghan wearing @MaisonValentino this evening in the colour red, which has considerable historic significance in Morocco (and represents hardiness, bravery, strength and valour on the national flag. – Omid Scobie Royal Reporter

Before she married the Duke Harry Duchess Meghan was the Editor in chief of her lifestyle blog The Tig. Young people went to her media platform to learn and be inspired. Although The Tig was retired Duchess Meghan continues to promote those values in her royal life.

The Tig was a hub for empowerment where Duchess Meghan shared words of empowerment & encouragement around her values to focus on substantive topics. It was her writing on the Tig about women’s independence that convinced the UN to partner with her. It was that door that gave the former Meghan Markle a global voice. Today she is known as a prolific speaker and it all started with The Tig. Young people in Morocco and around the world can learn from Duchess Meghan. The lesson is regardless of your status today you too can build your own table and change your destiny. This is the message that will resonate with Moroccan youth.

To break the cycle of poverty, and to achieve economic growth and sustainability in developing countries, young women need access to education. When we empower girls hungry for education, we cultivate women who are emboldened to effect change within their communities and globally. If that is our dream for them, then the promise of it must begin with us. Period. – former Meghan Markle now Duchess of Sussex (Time, March 2017)

The Queen believes in allowing “more women become part of the decision-making process in academic institutions. She gave the Duchess of Sussex the funds for workshops for the institutions’ female faculty, at Fiji National University and the University of the South Pacific during the Sussexes’ first overseas tour in 2018. The Queen obviously sees Duke and Duchess of Sussex as the best ambassadors to spearhead this British cause.

Thomas Riley British Ambassador to Morocco said of Duke Harry & Duchess Meghan
And they are two of the nicest, most charming people i have ever met. They are the most gracious Ambassadors for the #UK you could hope to represent your country overseas.


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