Daily Mail Lie: Cost of Meghan’s jewelry pieces

By Mielle

@sarahrainey4 wrote an article for the @DailyMailUK on July 13th, in which Meghan’s Galanterie earrings were priced at an “alleged” £60k. In fact, her earrings, which she wore numerous times before she got married on May 19th, are priced at US $16.5K( £12,950K)

The same article claims that Meghan’s Snowstorm diamond earrings cost £9k, however, they sell for 12,000 Canadian dollars (£6,897). Meghan was first seen with those earrings on a week before her wedding at her rehearsal (2nd slide pic 1). As the Birks CEO said she’s never waited on gifts.

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Last updated on June 27th, 2019