Meghan Markle Did Not Abandon Her Family

  • Photo by The Tig / Meghan Markle

A. No,

Mom – Doria Ragland

In all the milestones of her life her mother Doria is always present and supportive.

Dad – Thomas Markle, Sr

Thomas is mising in action in all of the milestones in Meghan’s adult life. He was never seen in Canada or at the UN or any of her global events. He staged paparazzi pictures prior to his daughter’s May wedding at first he lied but when he was outed was forced to confess taking for $100,00 trading his daughter’s loyalty and trust for 30 pieces of silver with photographer Jeff Rayner- Daily Mail 05/12/2018

Despite this betrayal Meghan invited her dad to the wedding but he turned her down. By his own admission on Good Morning Britain

“Harry and Meghan called and said, ‘You don’t have anything to worry about. You’ve got three suits waiting and shoes to wear’…Arrangements were being made to take me to the airport.”

Thomas Markle Jnr

The only picture he has of Meghan and himself is when she is a toddler. Meaning they were never close as adults.

Dooley Nephews

According to Tyler Dooley’s mother in an interview with ITV in 2018 Tyler has not spoken to Meghan in 20 years.

Samantha Markle according to her mother Roslyn Markle
Roslyn also told that

“far from being proud of her ‘bi-racial family’, Samantha Grant Markle used to tell friends that her step-mother Doria Ragland ‘was the maid because she’s black’.

‘She trashes Meghan, trashes me, her dad, her brothers – she’s just been trashing everybody in her life forever.’

‘I am very serious when I say she has dogged on Meghan forever. She has never liked Meghan and she’s always been jealous of her.’

‘When Tom Sr [Meghan’s father] married Meghan’s mom, Samantha told all her friends that Doria was the maid because she’s black. She is not a nice person.’

She’s a user. She is a 100 percent user.’

‘She is not a warm, sweet, loving person. I’m her mother and I walked away about three years ago because she’s such an abusive person.

She said:

‘You know why she moved out when Meghan was born? Because she didn’t want to listen to any squalling babies.

‘She moved out of the house because she didn’t want to live with or listen to a squalling baby and because she didn’t want to be the nanny or the babysitter –she said that to her dad.

‘We’re just terribly upset that she is getting away with this stuff. She has done a 180 twice now.

‘She’s turned from the scheming b***h into someone who’s sweet, trying to be sweet to get into Meghan’s good graces, and now she’s doing the flip again.

‘She has threatened to write all kinds of terrible stories about the people who live in Albuquerque [the family] and all kinds of c**p and it’s just not fair.

Roslyn Markle also disputed Grant’s account of her upbringing with Meghan, Daily mail that

”She didn’t grow up with Meghan and she needs to be shut down. And if she’s getting paid for this stuff [the book], it needs to stop because it’s lies, its bulls***.”

Far from raising the actress until she was 12, as she had previously claimed, the 52-year-old moved out shortly after Meghan was born. Thomas Markle Jnr concurred with his mother right after Meghan was born, Samantha moved out and never came back.


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