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3 comments on “Meghan Is Not The Problematic One – Meghanpedia Podcast Episode 1

  1. Alicia

    I’m here in Southern California just waiting for the clock to tick past midnight so that I can make my August 4th Inspired By Meghan birthday donation to CamFed. Feels great to let Duchess Meghan know how much we appreciate the classy, graceful way that she has handled the unprecedented mistreatment that she has had to endure. May year #39 be the best yet with Harry and Archie!

  2. Marina

    Hi Mich,
    Congratulations on your new podcast. I already enjoy listening to Tina & Michelle at Sussex Squad & Vee at Sussex Set so it’s good to have another positive Meghan channel to support.

    No matter what the Royal Family, UK media, trolls and hater channels say……we who love and support Meghan, Harry & Archie will never stop loving and defending them in the face of unprecedented global bullying, hatred and abuse.

    I have already donated to the Camfed initiative for Meghan & Harry’s birthdays and urge all of our supporters who are in a position to do so to keep it going. Let’s make this even bigger than Archie Day.

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